Point of Care Ultrasound for Nurses

As the expanding application of Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) is pervading an increasing number of settings and practices of patient care, especially of the most critical ones, this innovative course matches the raising training need of first line patient care providers, i.e. nurses.

The course aims at improving their monitoring and procedural skills by incorporating Point of Care Ultrasound into daily practice.
It covers basic veins, lung, and abdominal ultrasound applications such as peripheral i.v. access guidance, orotracheal tube correct position check, guidance to nasogastric tube and bladder catheter placement, and principles of the eFAST exam for trauma.

The course offers an extensive theoretical description of such PoCUS techniques and a remarkable amount of hands on training, with a maximum trainee:trainer ratio of 5:1.
It is based on the international WINFOCUS US-NURSE Basic Level format and represents a primer for the homonymous WINFOCUS training pathway and certification.

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